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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Choosing Color Schemes the Easy-Peasy Way!

   Now that you've got an excellent nutrition regimen to follow and your mind isn't haunted by unhealthy food choices, lets start planning!   The easiest way to stay consistent and avoid a hodge-podge party is to choose a color scheme for your special event.  Sure you can get ideas images of other parties, but who wants to knock-off another event when you can create one all on your own?  
   When my husband and I go to the local home improvement warehouse, the place I go to get color inspiration is the paint department!  These color schemes are chosen by professionals and not only apply to your home, but also your party!  These swatches are free, and are portable enough to keep in your purse for reference when shopping for an event.  Another place I go to get inspiration is the ribbon department at the local arts & crafts store.  
Yee-Haw! Cowboy Rodeo Baby Shower!
   I chose this fun cowboy-ish color scheme for a September baby shower.  Now, I can snip pieces of this ribbon for the YWE planners and for our client to carry along with them when shopping for decor ideas.  If you are dying to add one more color in the mix, always go for the neutrals and natural inspiration.  In addition to this color scheme, I'll be adding the color of hay in the mix to give it a true cowboy feel. Stay tuned for picture updates of this Cowboy inspired Baby Shower :)
   Get inspired today, cheers!

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