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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


1. The Ring - The perfect engagement ring she's dreaming of can cost up to $10-$15 THOUSAND dollars.  An excellent way to cut down on costs is to ask parents or grandparents if there are family stones you are able to incorporate into a setting.  Additionally, having the ring custom made by an honest and reputable jeweler will give you more options.  Also, don't forget the appraisal and insurance, let's be smart about it!

2. The Location - Make it memorable, not cliche. Don't take her somewhere you two usually wouldn't go to together.  She'll catch onto you!  Instead you might want to go somewhere fun and typical so the QUESTION is unexpected. If you're worried about making it romantic, do all the extra amazing stuff after dropping the knee.

3. The Whirlwind - Whisk her away to somewhere romantic after the big question, trust me, she'll be all over you!  Is she a family/friends girl?  Have family and friends be at a location after you pop the question.  That will be a pleasant surprise and let her be the first to gush!  Consider the weekend as well, that will give you time to add more fun surprises she won't forget.

4. Documentation - Save everything, bar napkins, room key, rose petal, rocks etc.  Another thing you might want to consider: Paparazzi Style Engagement Photos: Jeff has had experience with this special experience and will work directly with you to get the perfect shot.

5. The Words - Speak from the heart not from a poem, she'll remember it more.  What is it that really magnetizes you to her? Is it the way she laughs? Her smile? The way she cooks breakfast? Remember, it's all in the finer details.

6.  Need help? We'd be happy to help you plan the perfect engagement form start to finish.  We pride ourselves in really getting to know our clients so that every little detail is thoughtful and meaningful.

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