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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Art of Gift Giving

We've all once dabbled in the 5 Love Languages book. If you haven't...take the free assessment now.  It's fun to know how you want to be loved and it may change your life!  Luckily for me and sadly for my husband, my love language is "gifts."  I pride myself in being a thoughtful gift giver and it only adds to the personal touches we put into our events.

The other day, I was contemplating on what to give my Vegan friend.  I remembered her boyfriend commenting on the delicious jasmine brown rice I made for him one night.  *Light bulb* I went to the local Asian market and (with a modest budget) was able to give her health conscious vegan foods!  I also made it an "Inspirasian" theme.

I love brainstorming gift ideas so contact me anytime, I'm here to help you! Cheers, Eileen   

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