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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hiring a Professional

4 Reasons Hiring an Event Planner is the Right Choice

A lot people feel like planning an event is easy.  They feel like, all you need are some decorations, a venue, some invitations, and bam, the event is planned right? Wrong! A successful event doesn’t just call for decorations, cute invitations, and a happening venue.
A successful event has many different components, that need to be put together properly, and not everyone knows how to do that, and that my dears, is where hiring an event planner can be very useful.  You see, it is an event planner’s job to ensure that everything dealing with an event runs smoothly, from welcoming guests, to serving food, to coordinating decorations, to the music playlist, to unwanted guests showing up- a good event planner will plan for it all. Plus, an event planner guides you through the event planning process- creating a custom task calendar to keep you organized and stress free. 
Below are 4 reasons why you need an event planner for your next event.
Reason #1: No Stress: Basically, you hire an event planner to do all of the stressing for you.  So no matter what the issue is (what decorations to buy, or what to do because the caterer showed up late) there’s no need for you to stress, because that’s what the event planner is for.  For instance, whenever I plan an event for any of my clients, I always let them know from the beginning, I am there for them.  It is my main job to do all of the stressing, worrying, and to ensure they get what they want, and they are stress free for the duration of the event planning and the actual event. Bottom line, you'll enjoy the event planning process. 
Reason #2: Fewer Problems: As all event planners know, things can go wrong with any event. This is what we prepare for.  We are the disaster control. We always have a plan A and a plan B. So do yourself a favor, the next time you are having an event, check out what an event planner would cost you, it could save you a lot of stress and time in the long run.
Reason #3: Save Money: Think about it, event planners know a lot of people, and have a lot of relationships, plus they love to negotiate.  Hiring an event planner isn’t just for piece of mind, it also saves you money in the long run with various discounts.
Reason #4: Expand your horizon: Even though you may be able to dream up incredible decorations and themes, you may not be the best at actually making your dreams come true, and that’s where an event planner comes in handy.  A lot of event planners are wonderful at aesthetic design and for those that aren’t, they have a great team of designers ready and willing to make your dreams come true.
Remember, these are only a few reasons why hiring an event planner is a good idea, and believe me, there are many other reasons why.

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